"Centaurs, harbingers of Neptune, forebots of chaos"
by © Robert von Heeren (2002-2003)

An inspiration after a walk along the Munich river Isar, which was flooded after heavy rain in August 2002

Traducione Italiano da Isabella Orsini: I Centauri: gli araldi di Nettuno, i premonitori del caos

During the last centuries of research of Greek mythology and Centaur mythology there were different explanations of how to interpret the nature and origin of the Centaurs.
One of the most plausible (to me) explanations especially for the wild,uncivilised and sometimes even cruel, un-domestisized behaviour of the Centaurs was featured by Wilhelm Heinrich Roscher in an old mythological encyclopaedia ("Ausführliches Lexikon der griechischen und römischen Mythologie", Leipzig, 1884-1935, see Centaur-bibliography) with careful collected details about several dozens of Centaurs, meanings of their names and their possible origin (besides which is not Babylonian!):

So this was probably personalized and demonized into the wild Centaurs, a kind of nature's nemesis, unpredictable, untameable (as nature during catastrophes normally always is) and often fatal. Roscher underlined this thesis referring to the names of many Centaurs, which are often connected to regions and rivers:
and others (see Centaur names).

In the astronomical picture there is of course an obvious parallel to this uncivilised and fast-flowing behaviour: their elliptical orbits!
Interesting also that this thesis connect the Centaurs to three things:

Fascinating that the mother of the Centaurs is Nephele, the cloud which was formed and created by Zeus and resembling his wife Hera, to test Ixion. Apollodorus told us a bit more about her in the story about Heracles' battle against the Centaurs: Nephele helped her sons with much rainfall so that the four-legged Centaurs were in advantage against the two-legged Heracles!
Again a connection to water and wildness!
So the connection to Neptune is finally obvious. About Poseidon and Neptune it was said that when he became angry about mankind then he flooded the rivers and Earth, bringing rain, pain and earthquakes too.
The final piece to the puzzle nearly fell into my hands today:
the astronomical origin of the Centaurs is now to nearly 100% sure the outer realm of the solar system, the realm of Pluto and beyond, the Kuiperoids, TNOs, SDOs - a giantic "OCEAN"!
It is very likely that the last giant planet, Neptune, last outer forepost to this realm, pulls from time to time with its huge gravitational force like a slingshot or catapult a body into the inner solar system where it (if it has luck) arrives finally in a semi- stable more or less elliptical, eccentric orbit like for example a comet or Centaur! This is to current knowledge in astronomy the most likely scenario of the Centaur's origin.
So I got it: here we have a parallel between astronomy (Neptune's gravitational pull and power) and the water-elements and wildness of the Centaurs in mythology.
So the Centaurs are drawn by Neptune, they are his harbingers when he is in WILD, TURMOILED and ANGRY MOOD! Sounds so simple, but think about it a while...
Depending on how near they made their fly-bys at Neptune, the more or less strong the swing-by- and catapult-effect of Neptune is and the more or less elliptical the resulting orbit will be.
So Centaurs with a more circle-like orbit like Chariklo for example (although she is again connected to him, she is a water nymph, a najade!) could be less Neptune-influenced than the others like Pholus, Nessus or Asbolus e.g. with their eccentric orbits.
We all know (Zane wrote it more then 15 years ago within his book about Chiron and its transits) that we cannot prevent from Chiron's influence during its transits: he is flooding our minds and lifes, bringing chaos, but also (Neptunian) creativity and in cases of Pholus for example a fast transformation and shaping of our "skin". On the other hand I wrote for example about Pholus transits that he can penetrate our skin (like a virus or the fatal poisoned arrow from mythology), can bring us into borderline situations which we cannot control. The immense euphoria during strong Pholus transits is also very water-like and Neptunian (furthermore he connects Saturn and Neptune; the connection to the wine...) like a flooded river:
no one can stop this Neptunian energy. In opposite: the only solution in most cases is to release the tension, to OPEN the floodgates so that this energy can find its natural way and release! (which results often in a healing process and state! => think about weeping during pain. people often weep when they suffer from this nature catastrophes because of the losses)
Earthquakes are also connected to the Centaurs:
Centaurs are like Neptune's stampede! think about a stampede of buffalos: what an Earthquake! So Centaurs can act like a mass of wild raw natural energy (often paniced).
Neptune itself is normally acting out of the background, invincible, anonymous (12 house theme) and subtle.
HE NEEDS THE CENTAURS when he wants to be recognised clearly and when the "tension" cannot be hold back. Then the Centaurs become active, bringing us his message (whatever it is) in their individual styles, to release the tension, for re-union with the bigger picture and cosmos, to find a new balance and to heal a wound or unbalanced, over- tensioned or over-taxed situation. They are Neptune's harbingers and the forebots of the chaos on one side and the forerunners of the healing process and a new arrangement on the other side.
With the impression of the current dramatic images from TV about the dramatic floods and desastrous chaos in many German and foreign cities I realized that this sudden, unpredicted Neptunian intrusion of the Centaurs in our lives often is painful and results in painful material and other losses. The release and the let-it-happen is not voluntary but often unstoppable, sometimes even inexorible.
Ever got it so clearly? We should re-evaluate Neptune, we should overthink the Centaurs, we should rethink their interaction with Neptune.
Don't forget: one of the astronomical definitions of the Centaurs is that their mean semi-major axis is somewhere between Jupiter and NEPTUNE. So more or less the Centaurs are acting within the boundaries of Neptune (and Pluto) and under his umbrella and wing! What an amplitude and power!