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Robert von Heeren
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Born on August 1 1964, 0h24 CET at Munich, Germany, Robert is a studied classical musician (guitar, piano and voice) and music teacher. For mor ethan 16 years he teached children between 8 - 18 in classical guitar in a Music college at Munich. He explored astrology and tarot with its relations to astronomy, mythology and symbology back since 1984. In 1994 he began to study the Centaurs Chiron and especially Pholus. Together with Dieter Koch he published one year later the worldwide first book about Pholus, where he also published the first ephemeris for Pholus. In 1997 he wrote a new enhanced Chiron ephemeris 2000-2050 and during the same year also founded the Centaur Research Project to bring Centaur specialists and -beginners together. Furthermore Robert writes for astrological magazines, gives lectures and counsels from time to time. Besides of his current spare time engagement in the "Astrology of Centaurs", Robert works four days per week as a senior webdeveloper for Tomorrow Focus Technologies in Munich. His specialties in this area are frameworks, dynamic frontends for Content Management Systems, webstatistics/webmining and adserver-integration.