Discovery Charts for 1977 UB = 2060 Chiron-95P/Chiron

Discoverer: Charles T. Kowal (see discovery table)

Chart for the discovery foto of Chiron, shot by Kowal (above)

Discovery of Chiron by Kowal (below)


Click here for a plot of Chiron's orbit.

The charts are drawn by the free astrology software "Riyal" (which includes all Centaurs) by Juan Antonio Revilla.

Abbrevations: CH = Chiron, PH = Pholus, NS = Nessus, AS = Asbolus, QM = 1998 QM107, SG = 1998 SG35,

TF = 1998 TF35, HD = 1999 HD12, KA = Chariklo