Entdeckungshoroskope, Symbole und Namensvorschläge
Discovery charts, symbols and naming proposals

  1. Chiron-Symbol1977 UB = 2060 Chiron/95P Chiron (Naming proposal by the discoverer Charles T. Kowal)

    • Click here to view the american/english style charts for Chiron!

  1. Pholus - Symbol1992 AD = 5145 Pholus (Entdeckungsfotos siehe Bahnlagegrafik! Discovery photos see orbit diagram page. Name was proposed by a group of astronomers, not by the discoverers Rabinowitz/Scotti! They initially wanted the name "Chaos" for 1992 AD, because of it's unstable "chaotic" orbit, but that was not accepted, because IAU want to continue with Centaur-namings)

    • Click here to view the american/english style chart for Pholus!

  2. Nessus-Symbol1992 HA2 = 7066 Nessus (first accepted name, which was proposed by three astrologers in 1995). A "N" as simple abbrevation of the first letter in "Nessus". An ellipse at the bottom, representing the elliptical shape of Nessus' orbit, as for all Centaurean symbols. (See Pholus and Chiron's symbols above).

  3. 1994 TA (new naming proposal: Pylenor)

  1. Hylonome (10370) 1995 DW2 has now an official name: Hylonome (= roman; written greek version must be without an H: Ylonome)

  2. Asbolus - Symbol1995 GO = 8405 Asbolus (second accepted name, proposed by astrologers in 1999)

    Meaning: An "A" for the first letter in "Asbolus" and similar to an arrow at the top; an ellipse as a symbol for the eccentric orbit at the bottom. A Mars-/Uranus-like symbol, but the A has a similarity to a pair of dividers, which is the symbol for asteroid Urania, the muse of the heavens and celestial mechanics, astrology, astronomy and mathematics.

  3. Chariklo-Symbol1997 CU26 = 10199 Chariklo (third accepted name, which was proposed by astrologers in 1999). Symbol by Piotr Piotrowski, a polish astrologer. A "C" for the first letter in "Chariklo" at the top, opened to the east, the sunrise. An ellipse at the bottom, representing the elliptical orbit of Chariklo.

  1. 1998 SG35 (revised orbit) (proposed name in 1999: Okyrhoe - daughter of Chariklo and Chiron)

  2. 1998 QM107

  3. 1999 HD12

  4. 1995 SN55 (maybe we propose Eurytus)

  5. 1998 TF35 (maybe we propose Cyllarus)

  6. 1999 JV127

  7. 1998 BU48

  8. 1999 OX3

  9. Aktualisiert/Updated orbit plot: 1999 UG5

  10. 1999 XX143

  11. 2000 CO104

  • Symbol for Chiron created by an anonymous American artist and officially accepted by more than 50 American astrological associations.

  • Symbols for Pholus (1995), Nessus (1997) and Asbolus (2.10.1999) created by Robert von Heeren.

  • Symbol for Chariklo created by Piotr Piotrowski in October 1999.

  • New Symbol for Hylonome: an Ypsilon (instead of an H), standing above an (typical) basis ellipse. Hylonome is the roman (Ovid's) version of a greek name, which probably was without an H, because the greek alphabet simply has no "H". The Y is also a symbol for an arrow pointing to the ground/to the inside - as Hylonome killed herself with the spear or arrow, which killed her lover Cyllarus. Symbol created by Robert von Heeren on September 15th 2000, at 11h06m p.m., Munich, D.