Some preliminary keywords for unnamed Centaurs by Phil Sedgwick
Copyright Phil Sedgwick, February 2003, written for CRP

31824 Expression of self and ego through word and writing. Positive: Excellent communication, articulate, precise. Negative: Verbose, boastful, shallow in conversation.
32532 Relational and professional attitudes based upon one another. I am what I am because of my career status or relationship ornament. Positive: Balance between relationship and work, money and sexuality. Negative: Object oriented, status seeking, mercenary in work ethics, stunned by glamour and beauty of partner.
33128 Conflict between ego and material possession, identity as a function of resources. Positive: confidence in inner resourcefulness, which allows for use of all talent. Negative: materialistic, avaricious, beliefs possessions equal identity.
44594 The power of knowledge comes to light. Those who know rule the world. Positive: sharing of wisdom, ideas and concepts to increase the greater good. Negative: secretive, hoarding ideas, arrogant flaunting of knowledge never revealed, intentional misinformation.
1994 TA The need to assert one's accomplishments (generally professional) in the interest of recognition. Positive: sense of self accomplishment, legacy oriented, a mentor. Negative: solicitousness, bragging, indiscriminate flirting.
1995 SN55  Urge to establish self value regardless of relationship status.  Positive:  Warm, supportive, nurturing in one to one relationship.  Negative:  Needy, self centered to a fault, showcase relationships.
1996 AR20 The urge to understand unresolved questions and mysteries through discussion. Positive: Highly insightful ability to ask questions. Negative: Incessant questioning and banal fixations.
1996 RX33 A balance of individuality for the purpose of soul fulfillment, regardless of ego. Positive: Confident and self assured in expressing uniqueness and ingenuity.  Negative: Cranky weird, contentious, highly rebellious.
1998 QM107  Balancing emotions and ego as a function of professional status.  Positive: Giving, nurturing and sharing to and with coworkers with extraordinary capacities.  Negative:  Demanding, infantile in work relationships, flaunts social status as a result of accomplishments, showcases with past laurels .
1998 SG35  Need and ability to heal the ego by overcoming criticisms, both self imposed and external.  Positive: Clarity, impeccability and loyalty to personal and emotional needs, praising, complimentary.  Negative: Critical, judgment, condemning both of others and self, defaming, blasphemous, solicitous.
1998 TF35 Sense of value, self worth, economic freedom with spiritual emphasis.  Positive: Wealthy eccentric, affluent, humanistic,  generous, spiritual involved.  Negative:  Selfish, demanding, greedy. Manipulates with karma or projected spiritual status.
1999 HD12Acceptance of whole and pure nurturing.  Positive: Acceptance of support and responsive to praise.  Negative: Rejecting of those attempting to help. Constant complaining about the lack of fundamental care in life.
1999 JV127 Primal sense of self. Developing a healthy self referential attitude.  Positive:  Confidence in raw talents.  Self assured nurturing instincts.  Negative:  Overly subconscious in motivations.  Subjective and projective.  Extremely protective.
1999 XX143 Maintaining a balance of individuality and others within the domestic environment.  Positive: Feeling accepted by family and close friends.  Negative: Portraying black sheep image. Isolated and sullen at home. Doing it for family to the extreme.
2000 CO104 Emotional intensity, passionate creativity, inspirational capacity.  Positive: Uplifting, stimulating, infinitely artistic and creative.  Negative: Addicted to emotional drama, emotionally controlling and manipulative.
2000 EC98 Cosmic picture vs. detail orientation. Abstract logic vs linear logic.  Positive: Balanced perspective of overviews combined with essential detail.  Negative: Picky, judgmental, cantankerously weird, ungrounded.
2000 FZ53 Acute relationship awareness. Ability to negotiate relationship conflicts.  Positive: Clarity in relationship communication. Honest, direct, self assured in interactions.  Negative: Clingy, dependent, holds back on communication based upon perceived reactions.
2000 GM137 Extreme inquisitiveness and catlike curiosity.  Relationship communication clarity. Positive: Questioning and open minded. Negative: Overly scrutinizing specializing in Pandora's box scenarios.
2000 QC243 Use of complete compassion and forgiveness toward others. Positive: Understanding, compassionate, forgiving, tolerant. Negative: Full of guilt and shame projected onto others.
2000 SN331 Highly questioning nature. Asks surface level questions seeking the greatest depth in the answer. Positive: Seeking, questioning unafraid of shadows. Negative: Diverting, avoiding, asks questions to answer a question.
2001 BL41 Perceptions of an abundant Universe. Positive: Generous, available and sharing. Negative: Greedy, hostile regarding work position and money earned. Desperately competitive.
2001 KF77 Claiming of soul urge. Development of pure confidence and self assuredness. Positive: Strong, inspired, noncompetitive, motivated. Negative: Possessive, insecure, ego proclaiming, pouting, fearful.
2001 SQ73 Quest for ultimate individuality. Confident in all aspects of self. Positive: Iron will and certainty of healthy eccentricity and imaginative ability. Negative: Weird just to be contentious. Overbearing ego. Sense of intellectual superiority.
2001 XZ255 The quest for pure self expression. Positive: Clear, articulate, assertive, confident. Negative: Accusatory, meddlesome, laborious in conversation.
2002 CA249 Complete, uninhibited selfexpression. Positive: Innovative, confident, inspired, pleasantly odd. Negative: Narcissistic, selfabsorbed, strange for shock value.
2002 CB249 Integrated spirituality within worldly awareness. Positive: Comprehends parts/wholes theory, uses crisis/chaos to the good. Finds upside in all things. Negative: Victim consciousness, resentful, critical.
2002 DH5 Perfection seeking, looking for Divine Order. Positive: Accepting, tolerant and compassionate. Negative: Scrutinizing to a fault, viciously critical, intolerant, mean spirited practical jokes.
2002 FY36 Seeking understanding of sacred and profane in balance. Positive: Unique blend of linear and abstract minds. Negative: Mentally biased and opinionated with no tractability.
2002 GO9 Need for relational support without reservation. Positive: Renders and receives in relationship in healthy balance. Negative: Codependent, turns intimate relationships into parentchild scenarios.
2002 GB10 Balance of emotional/nurturing give and take. Positive: Encouraging, nurturing, responsive. Negative: Whining, needy, clinging. Emotionally manipulates closeness, then withdraws from it.
2002 GZ32 Seeking kinship with those of great self reliance. Positive: Confident, giving and supportive. Strong sense of bond with those of similar spirit. Negative: Sullen, withdrawn but emotionally aggressive.
2002 KY14 Definition of absolute truth. Conviction to principle without zeal. Tolerance of all beliefs. Positive: openminded and sharing especially in religious, philosophical matters, knows the ecstasy of knowing. Negative: zeal, fanaticism, religious intolerance, bigotry, social stupidity through biases.
2002 PN34 Quintessential grounding. Practicality without being buried by life's demands. Positive: willing to shoulder responsibility, effective in time/work management, grounded and with lofty visions and aims. Negative: materialistic, greedy, wasteful, resentful, inefficient in use of time, prone to laziness motivated by belief "the world owes me."
2002 PQ152 Creative weirdness at its best. Contemplative and deliberate in spiritual exercises. Positive: clear selfunderstanding through retreat and silence, willingness to share positive eccentricities. Negative: off the wall, contentious, arrogant and bitter.